A change of ownership has taken place in the woodworking products department of Sandvik Materials Technology

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From the 1st of May 2006 onwards, the operations on the woodworking products department will be continued by Nordic Sawmill Support Oy.

The sale of woodworking products departments is a continuum in the development where Sandvik SMT is sharpening its focus on the defined core areas of business. As a result of the sale Sandvik SMT will concentrate on manufacture of woodworking tool materials, and comprehensive research and development work.

Nordic Sawmill Support Oy will continue to manufacture, service and sell bandsaw blades in Vantaa in the old premises. Also the circular saw blade sales and deliveries will continue as before. As before, bandsaw blades will be produced from Sandvik steel made in Sweden with Sandvik branding. Circular saw blades will be delivered from the same factories as before and they will be sold with a ‘Nordic Sawmill Support’ -logo. Though logo is changed in circular saw blades the product will remain the same high quality product as before.

Nordic Sawmill Support will deliver all the woodworking product orders that were earlier directed to Sandvik.

Nordic Sawmill Support personnel are looking forward to maintaining and enhancing the valued customer relations.

Mika Rauha will be responsible for the operational management of Nordic Sawmill Support.